I Never Thought I’d see an actor behave the way that Will Smith did at the Oscars last night.

Norah Black
3 min readMar 29, 2022


On why Will Smith’s violent outburst was wrong.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on Oscar night, stunning the audience.
Will Smith walks up and slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars stunning the audience.

This isn’t a boxing match where you pick your favorite fighter, although you’d be forgiven for making that mistake, under the circumstances. What this is, is a clear case of one person being wrong, and the other being right (or not wrong). Will Smith is the one in the wrong, not Chris Rock.

The reasons should be obvious, but given the times we’re living in with the propaganda, lies, and violence fomented by fascist republicans, we need to take tougher stances on issues. First of all, I took Chris Rock’s reference to Jada Pinkett Smith playing G.I. Jane II to be her fit and muscular physique and fitness level and not to her short hair. I didn’t even know that she suffered from alopecia, and Chris Rock may not have either. Even if he did know…calling her G.I. Jane isn’t that terrible is it? It’s not like he made a joke about her being a whore or a loser. I don’t think that most of the audience even connected his joke to her condition.

My second reason for why Will Smith is in the wrong, is because Chris Rock was hired by the Oscars to make fun of the competing actors and make jokes. That was his job. Will Smith CHOSE to take offense of a very innocuous joke and react like a common ruffian. Will Smith has a responsibility to his fans, the Oscar awards, and the other actors to conduct himself appropriately and act with dignity and respect. What he did was beyond irresponsible. It was straight up rude. The ONLY explanation, not excuse he has is if he was impaired at the time. Otherwise, he’s got nothing to explain or excuse him for his actions.

My third thought was to wonder why Smith would think that it was appropriate to hit someone in public that way. Did he forget that he wasn’t on the set? He kind of gave the impression it was the result of his role in the movie King Richard. It was a lame excuse. He then proceeded to stand at the stage crying for 10+ minutes about love and struggle. I’m sorry….that just didn’t jell with me. You don’t attack someone and then make a speech about love to an audience who just saw you lose your sh*t in front of millions of people. I’m just not buying that.

Now, Chris Rock who was totally taken off guard was extremely professional, mature, and generous about the whole thing. I was amazed at how he continued on with the show never missing a beat. Wow. THAT was what I thought was amazing. Had he reacted, the whole show could’ve been a disaster and it looked like they were ready to pull the plug at any minute, but Chris held it all together. I think it is Chris Rock that deserves the Oscar for upholding professionalism during a violent attack during the Oscar awards show. What a contrast the two men made. I have more respect for Chris Rock now than I ever have.

On the other hand, I think that the Oscar awards should take Smith’s Oscar from him for behavior unbecoming and give it to the next in line. I know this will be a hard decision for both Smith and the Oscars, but he needs to face the consequences of his actions. If we don’t hold adults responsible for their actions, how do we teach our children to do the same? In addition to that, I think Smith should be banned from the Oscars for a period of time. He didn’t just make a “little” mistake. He committed a crime in front of millions of television viewers and he deserves some pushback for it.

To those who think Smith was in the right, I will say that you are wrong. Comedians make jokes and people pay them to do it. It’s their job. Smith had ONE job to do…sit there politely and accept an award and then leave. Period.

That’s my two cents.



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